Whether it be sipping on that famous apple juice at Saturday Farmer's Markets to backpacking throughout Europe, our sisters are always finding time to be together. We study in the library long into the night, race to grab a hammock at the quad, participate in reading rooms, and so much more. There's no question to it — we can't get enough of each other! Check out some of the amazing things our sisters are doing in our community below.


Check out the amazing opportunities that our girls have earned!


Caroline Beel - research assistant for the Infant Cognition Lab at the Center for Mind and Brain

Sydney Lathi - student assistant at Herd Health and Management at the UC Davis Horse Barn

Mehar Durah - research assistant at the Dynamic Memory Lab

Gigi Bond - research assistant at Leach Lab (biomedical lab)

Julia Urteaga - child life intern at UC Davis Medical Center

Katie Flinn - research assistant at Falk Lab in Plant Pathology

Fran Neill - supply chain intern at Pepsi-Frito Lay

Elena Willow - research assistant at Gomes Lab (focusing on signal transduction in the role of protein homeostasis in cardiovascular diseases)

 Olivia Karson - student intern at the California Department of Education in the State Superintendent's Office

 Mia Lemm - HRI at the UC Davis Medical Center in the pediatrics intensive care unit

 Brooke Rincon - intern at Centerpointe for Children (an occupational therapy clinic)

Nasim Zeighami - NICU Child Life Intern at UC Davis Medical Center. Previously interned in Public Health at a federally qualified health center in Washington DC!

Sophie Warda - recruiting and operations intern for UC Davis Football

Reilly Filter - corporate sports intern at Creative Artists Agency


Lauren Gomez// sophomore // formal recruitment - 2021

I grew up being involved in dance and always being part of team. After high school I decided to let that hobby rest and instead turned toward recruitment. Joining Pi Beta Phi has given me the sisterhood I’ve always known and missed growing up with. Yet these girls instead are grouped together by choice and similarity which makes being close easier than ever. The women in pi phi have grown to be more than friends in just my short amount of time at Davis and a majority of these girls I can envision in my life forever. My Pi Phi journey is just beginning and I can’t wait to make even greater bonds and memories with my sisters I already know and love.

Olya Egorov // incoming senior // formal recruitment - 2019

"Hello curious PNMs and future Pi Phis! My name is Olya Egorov and I am a political science - public service major at UC Davis. I wanted to write a tad about a club that I founded, along with my friend, Kiara Kunnes, called Girl Up.
At a national level, Girl Up is a campaign initiative run by the United Nations that seeks to help adolescent girls through awareness and funds. The campaign attempts to advance the skills, rights, and opportunities of girls everywhere; in other words, achieve gender equality worldwide. Members of Girl Up are given the opportunity to become leaders and advocates within their own communities and beyond. For example (in normal circumstances), an international summit is held in Washington D.C. every year to educate and discuss the campaign’s goals and initiatives. Our president has attended three of these summits.
As a prior intern of NARAL Pro-Choice America and PERIOD @ UC-Davis, I am a strong advocate for womens rights, ensuring that women of all ages and backgrounds are given equal opportunities in all fields, at all costs. As a student myself, I believe education is an important part of a woman’s pursuits. As Vice President of Girl Up, I want to ensure that women within my community and beyond start with a strong basis to pursue an education. Though this club was recently founded, Kiara and I seek to impact the lives of our members and UC-Davis community. Stay tuned for more information about Girl Up through our Instagram: @girlup.ucdavis"

Lindsey Papuc // incoming senior // formal recruitment - 2019

"I joined Pi Beta Phi my freshman year at UC Davis. I am very proud to be apart of a group of women who I know will always support me. Not only do the women in Pi Phi inspire me to do well academically, but they also encourage me to participate in a philanthropy which I hold very close to my heart. I knew I wanted to join Pi Phi during recruitment on philanthropy day when I learned about Pi Phi’s support of childhood literacy.  I learned that Pi Phi volunteers at a local elementary school. My sisters read to children after school in support of childhood literacy. In elementary school, I struggled with having ADHD, especially reading comprehension, and I remember having older students help me with my homework and reading comprehension workbooks. These volunteers made a huge impact on my elementary school experience so when I got older, I wanted to give back to younger students who I share an experience with.  Pi Beta Phi at UC Davis has allowed me to get involved in a philanthropy which has helped me give back to young students, who I once was."

Sophie Warda // incoming senior // formal recruitment - 2017

"Being a first generation college student, I had no idea what to expect when moving to Davis. On top of this, I had heard about the Greek system and wanted to give it a try. The week of recruitment seemed overwhelming at times, but all of the active members reassured me that school is always a priority at UC Davis. I was scared that I wouldn't make friends because of my severe social anxiety, but Pi Beta Phi was the only house where I felt as if I could freely talk and be truly heard. The feeling of belonging is so important to me because I have always struggled with self-confidence. After joining Pi Phi, my time at Davis was immediately more comfortable because of the friendships and resources that this chapter provided me with. I was encouraged to find a well-balanced experience at Davis that was a healthy fit for me and my personal needs. I have always felt as if my personal decisions for my life have been completely understood by our executive board of amazing girls. Although I am nervous to graduate during this upcoming year, I know that I will always have this support system of strong women to fall back on."

Jacqueline Davis // incoming senior // formal recruitment - 2019

"During rush, I was unsure if I would find a sorority that truly felt like home. However, as soon as I walked into the Pi Phi house, I knew it was the place for me. It was clear how uplifting, hardworking, and kind each member was and I am so lucky to call them my friends. Every member was so willing to guide me through my freshman year, whether it was helping me study for a midterm, proofreading my essay, or inviting me over for a movie night to destress. I am incredibly grateful to have lifelong friendships with these women and call Pi Beta Phi my home away from home."


We are extremely proud to hold the highest overall GPA in the Panhellenic Organization at UC Davis. This accomplishment comes with hard work, balance between school and our personal lives, and supporting one another. Our director of academics works alongside our members to find the right resources we need to succeed in the classroom. In addition, our girls are paired in mentor/mentee relationships that help guide us through our years at one of the top public universities in the nation.