Pi Beta Phi

At UC Davis

Chapter Leadership

From left to right, top to bottom: Olivia Blair, Madeleine Guidoux, Victoria Boyd, Nikki Moyer, Sina Rafizadeh, Emma Samson, Melissa Spinali, Erika Silvers, Lilia Mourier, Hadley Roberts-Donnelly 

Meet our executive team!

Chapter President: Madeleine Guidoux
Third-year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major and Human Rights minor

Gosh, I'm excited for everything that being Chapter President entails! I'm excited to work with an awesome executive team and oversee all that this amazing sisterhood accomplishes over the next year.

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:

My favorite memory of being in Pi Phi has got to be freshman year as a whole — getting to know my pledge class, going through initiation, always seeing a billion Pi Phis in the dining commons, and all the little (and silly) memories in between! I would never have guessed as a freshman all the fun, genuine, and lasting memories to be made through Pi Phi!

Fun fact:

My sister named me after the Madeleine cookie, and if given the opportunity, I would have a breakfast burrito and a latte every day of my life

VP Membership Development: Melissa Spinali 
Third-year Design and Psychology double major

I am most excited to help girls figure out personalized study habits and resources that work for them and will help them raise their GPAs best. Also I am on the hunt to find more scholarship opportunities for members of our chapter!

VP Fraternity Development: Olivia Blair
Third-year Human Development major and Education minor

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:
My favorite memory hands down has to be when my older cousin Lauren, a former Pi Phi president here at Davis, came and surprised me for presents! It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience to share with my cousin and sister!

VP Finance: Nikki Moyer 
Third-year Managerial Economics major

I cannot wait to experience a whole new aspect of being a Pi Phi through being in the executive council and working side by side with such motivated and inspirational young women. I’m also ready for the opportunity to become more experienced with finances, as this will help with my leadership skills and future aspirations in the business field.

VP Membership: Victoria Boyd 
Third-year Biological Sciences major

I am excited to be VPM this year because I love recruitment! Recruitment is such a fun, bonding time in our chapter, and getting new members at the end of the week makes all of the hard work worth it!

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:

I have so many great pi phi memories, but attending College Weekend in Missouri with Maddie was one of my favorites! While we were there, I loved meeting with Pi Phis from all over the country and learning about their chapters and chapter traditions!

VP Administration: Sina Rafizadeh
Third-year Biotechnology major

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:
My favorite pi phi memory is going abroad with another Pi Phi Madeleine Guidoux and we got to travel together and visit other Pi Phis like Camille Riggs!

Fun fact:

I am fluent in Farsi.

VP Communications: Lili Mourier 
Third-year Marine and Coastal Science major and Geology minor

I am so thrilled to be VPC and have the opportunity to share to the rest of campus and the Davis community how amazing Pi Phi's are!

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:
One of my favorite memories in Pi Phi was from my sophomore, when I got to march alongside my beautiful and strong sisters in the women's march! It was so empowering and made me feel so connected to Pi Phi!

VP Philanthropy: Emma Samson
Second-year Managerial Economics major and Spanish minor

I am most excited to switch up some of the philanthropy events this year and try out some new ones we have never done before to hopefully give back to the community more.

VP Event Planning: Hadley Roberts-Donnelly
Third year Psychology major with Human Rights and Professional Writing minors

I am most excited to see my events unfold; I just want everybody to have as much fun as possible this year!

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:
My favorite memory of being in Pi Phi was when we did silent affirmations at a cookie shine, and I got to show how much I appreciated those around me as well as see how I’ve affected my sisters’ lives.

VP Housing: Erika Silvers
Second year Biological Sciences Major

Favorite Pi Phi Memory:

My favorite memory of being in Pi Phi was from the second week of living in the Pi Phi house. One of us wanted cookie dough to make cookies and then everyone kept saying that they wanted to go so eight of us loaded up into Megan’s suburban to go to Safeway and just get cookie dough. When we got back I don’t even think we made one batch of cookies. We just sat around the dining room table and ate nearly the entire tub of cookie dough. 

Fun fact:
I was best friends in middle school with three of the girls who are in this chapter!